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Icon by babelstrudel ❤ Pagedoll by prickpocket
July 16th 2014 34 notes

I made Neville’s sweater and it came out all right, so here it is for anyone’s use.

#neville longbottom #harry potter #acnl #animal crossing #new leaf #qr code
July 06th 2014 38 notes

Portrait of my friend that I did on a whim!!

July 04th 2014 20 notes

Animated chibi commission for Elissinia!

#animated #gif tw/ #tw scopophobia/ #chibi #commission #commissions
June 18th 2014 146 notes

Random happy Fluttershy~

#mlp #my little pony #fluttershy
June 18th 2014 123 notes

Frederick from Fire Emblem: Awakening in palette #5 for Jenny! A bit difficult, but fun. I didn’t mean for it to basically be a redraw of his sprite;;;;

#fire emblem #fire emblem awakening #frederick #palette meme
June 17th 2014 121,097 notes

Okay, I will finally try this. I’ll use it to practice lineless. Send me your requests! I’m not sure how many I’ll do, but I’ll try for at least 3~

(Source: )

#palette meme
June 17th 2014 8 notes

Look at these super cute pagedolls of my OCs I received in a trade! I love them so much! I’m going to make a new theme built around Laimiria later~

These were done by Prickpocket (dA | FurAffinity | Tumblr)! His art is adorable… go look!!

#not my art #laimiria
June 17th 2014 254 notes

Tamora Calhoun is magic tbh

#Sergeant Calhoun #wreck it ralph