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September 26th 2014 14 notes

My sister started reading manga and novels in jail and sent me this drawing. I dunno how she’ll behave when she gets out this time but I’m glad she’s acquired an interest in drawing and reading.

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August 21st 2014 13 notes

I feel bad for neglecting Tumblr so here’s a tiny sketch dump. Some of these are several months old.

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August 20th 2014 11 notes

Sorry for not posting here much the past couple weeks. Most of my commissions recently are not suitable for posting here.

Also Yogscast fandom I miss you ; w ; 

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August 12th 2014 17 notes


Commission for nevillesboyfriend. Two cute, hairy pups.

Click here for deets on commissions!

IT’S MY BABIES!!!! LOOK HOW CUTE!!! Money so very well spent. I’m serious, everyone needs to be following kudef :0

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August 11th 2014 35 notes



This summer has been a little bit overwhelming for me. We’re in the midst of building a new dark room, so that we can make brand new screens for brand new shirt and tote designs. Huzzah! In the meantime, check out a few prints that you can buy right at this very moment. 

Look at these sick posters you can get from one of my best friends!!! Go check out her awesome store!

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August 04th 2014 30 notes


Hello friends! 

Commissions are now open. To inquire about a commission, please send an ask to kudef.tumblr.com or an email to rosefeduk@gmail.com. Check out more examples of my work in the archives or at rosefeduk.com. 


  • This artist only accepts paypal (rosefeduk@gmail.com).
  • NSFW/gore/sexually suggestive requests cannot be filled, but everything else is fair game! If you’re unsure, we’ll talk it out. 
  • Payment must be accepted in full up front. 
  • On larger, more extensive pieces, a preliminary sketch will be sent to the client before completion. 
  • These prices are for personal commissions only. If you have a professional inquiry, contact me for revised pricing. 

Okay, that’s it! Also if you have any Lord of the RIngs/Hobbit-related requests, you get a dollar off. I’m serious. 

EDIT: The “Illustrated Scenes” section is slightly unclear. $30 is the base price for black and white. Simple, flat color is an additional $5. 

Commission or signal boost my good friend Rose! Her style is cute, humorous, unique and enchanting and I think she deserves a lot more fans here!

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August 02nd 2014 35 notes

What an ordeal to get this to show up on Tumblr, but I like this a lot, so it’s worth it! This is Batiste, as commissioned by GypsyCorset!

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August 01st 2014 30 notes

More commissions. Refined lines, gasp! Elissinia's Alter in both female and male forms.

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